CRAE webinar series 2020-2021.

2020-21 CRAE Seminar Series

CRAE is hosting a webinar series! Autism researchers will present their work on a variety of topics over Zoom Webinar, with talks held on the first Thursday of every month.

Future Events

Here are our upcoming events. Click on the image of the event you would like to attend to book your place:

April Seminar (08/04/2021)
With: Liz Pellicano (Macquarie University)
Theme: (TBC)
Register for the webinar here:

May Seminar (06/05/2021)
With: Jo Saul (UCL)
Theme: “Expressive Language Development in Minimally Verbal Autistic Children.”
Register for the webinar here:

June Seminar (03/06/2021)
With: Sebastian Gaigg (City, University of London)
Theme: “The Role of Learning and Memory Processes in the Language Impairments in Autism.”
Register for the webinar here:

If you’d like to view previous Webinars, they are available via our official YouTube channel.

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