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[Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Chris Papadopoulos

Chris Papadopoulos's event banner, in colour.

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TITLE: “Autism and Stigma.”

In this webinar, part of the ongoing #CRAEwebinar series, Dr Chris Papadopoulos (Principal Lecturer in Public Health, University of Bedfordshire), presented his research on autism and stigma.

This webinar’s topic was on autism stigma, in particular its impact upon the mental health of parents and carers of autistic children. It began by providing a summary of the findings from a recent systematic review of this topic, followed by a summary of the underpinning design of the SOLACE stigma protection intervention for parents and carers.

It also included the results of the feasibility randomised controlled trial undertaken to explore its uptake and acceptability as well as its preliminary effectiveness towards improving mental health. It concluded with an overview of the key implications of this work for policy and practice, and finally a Q&A discussion.

The webinar took place online on 11.00-12.00, 4th March 2021, and was hosted by CRAE PhD student Mel Romualdez.

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