• Laura Crane

    Laura joined CRAE in 2015 and currently holds the role of Associate Professor and Deputy Director of CRAE. Laura’s research focuses on understanding the educational experiences of autistic children and young people (in mainstream and special schools), and identifying evidence-based ways to support pupils, their parents and their educators. Laura is passionate about engaging education…

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  • Mel Romualdez

    Mel joined CRAE as a doctoral student under the supervision of Anna Remington and Zachary Walker. She recently completed her PhD focusing on the diagnostic disclosure experiences of autistic adults in workplace settings. Before coming to London, Mel worked for several years at the New York (NY) Center for Autism Charter School, where she taught autistic…

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  • Kana

    Kana Umagami

    Kana joined CRAE as a PhD student in October 2018. She completed her undergraduate science degree at Northeastern University and a Master’s degree in Counselling Theory at Boston College. Following this, she received a Distinction in her Postgraduate Certification in Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome at Sheffield Hallam University.  Kana’s PhD research at CRAE investigates loneliness…

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  • Maria Ashworth

    Maria is a PhD student at CRAE, tracking and evaluating an education to employment programme for autistic young people called Employ Autism, which was set up by the autism charity Ambitious about Autism. Anna Remington (CRAE) and Brett Heasman (York St John University) supervise Maria’s research. Maria’s PhD research is tracking and evaluating an education…

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  • Jana Brinkert

    Jana is a post-doctoral researcher at CRAE. She is currently on maternity leave. Jana completed her BSc in Psychology at the University of Kent, and her MSc in Psychology of Education at UCL Institute of Education. Jana completed her PhD at CRAE, studying perceptual abilities in autistic people. Jana is interested in strengthening cognitive control…

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  • Ginny D’Odorico

    Ginny joined CRAE recently as a first year PHD student in 2020 under the supervision of Laura Crane. Ginny completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, then a PGCE Primary teaching qualification at the Institute of Education prior to her MSC in SEN with Psychological Perspectives also at the UCL Institute of…

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  • Emeline Han

    Emeline joined CRAE as a PhD student in September 2020. . Emeline’s PhD research aims to: (1) systematically review the literature on autistic people’s experiences of stigma and coping strategies; (2) develop a stigma-related support programme for autistic adults using a participatory approach; (3) conduct an initial evaluation of the feasibility and acceptability of this…

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  • Alison Livemore

    Alison joined CRAE as a part-time PhD student in 2018 under the supervision of Laura Crane. Alison’s research investigates good autism practice in Additional Resource Provisions (ARPs) for autistic pupils. She studies the perspectives of professionals, parents and pupils with regards to educating autistic pupils in ARPs. Alison wants to develop a greater understanding of…

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  • Clare Truman

    Clare has been teaching for ten years, most recently in a school for autistic children and young people. She is founder of Spectrum Space, a not-for-profit organisation that provides tuition to autistic children who find it difficult to access school. Clare completed her BA in Education Studies at Cambridge University and her PGCE and Masters…

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  • Ellie Buckley, PhD student at CRAE.

    Ellie Buckley

    Ellie, now graduated, was a PhD student at CRAE, where she examined the prevalence of autistic traits in the performing arts. She investigated autistic traits, and their links to creativity in the performing arts. She identified areas of strength and challenge, and designs interventions to promote inclusion, both in education and employment. Her research project was…

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  • Amber Pryke-Hobbes is an undergraduate Psychology student from the University of Kent, carrying out her third-year placement at CRAE.

    Amber Pryke-Hobbes

    Amber Pryke-Hobbes is an undergraduate Psychology student from the University of Kent, carrying out her third-year placement at CRAE.

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  • Danae Malyan, PhD student at CRAE.

    Danae Malyan

    Danae was a placement student at CRAE from University of Kent. Anna Remington (CRAE) and Laura Crane (CRAE) supervised Danae’s progress throughout the placement. Danae is interested in research that focuses on accessibility to diagnosis and employability for autistic people.

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