• 2023 CRAE Annual Lecture

    TITLE: Making Schools Safer and More Inclusive for Autistic Students Schools are inherently hostile places for many autistic students, and it takes effort and knowledge to make them safer and more inclusive. But it doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact, many necessary changes are quick-fixes, cheap and easy to implement, so long as…

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  • CRAE Webinar Series: Aimee Grant

    Click the image above to book your place! TITLE: ‘Incredibly Painful, Both Emotionally and Physically’: Autistic Experiences of Pregnancy Loss and Associated Healthcare Around one in five pregnancies end in loss, and it is well established that this experience is traumatic in a general population. To date, little is known about Autistic experiences of pregnancy…

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  • A purple poster advertising the October 2022 CRAE webinar. Heba Al-Jayoosi will be talking about the use of flexible seating in a mainstream school. The webinar is on the 6th October 2022 at 4pm BST.

    CRAE Webinar Series: Heba Al-Jayoosi

    Click the image above to book your place! TITLE: “Evaluating the use of Flexible Seating in a Mainstream Primary School for Neurotypical and Neurodivergent Pupils” Most neurodivergent pupils are educated at mainstream. Whilst adaptations to seating are sometimes recommended to accommodate the needs of certain children (for example by occupational therapists), the use of a range…

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  • 2022 CRAE Annual Lecture

    Click the image above to book your place! TITLE: Neurodiversity-affirmative education for autistic learners Neurodiversity is a simple, incontrovertible scientific fact, but the implications of this concept are both profound and radical. In this lecture, Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson will start by exploring how recent findings are undermining historic models of understanding autism, and highlighting the…

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  • A desaturated version of the image promoting Alyssa M Alcorn's December 2021 CRAE webinar.

    CRAE Webinar Series: Alyssa M. Alcorn

    Click the image above to view this webinar’s recording on YouTube! TITLE: “What does it mean to teach about neurodiversity at school, and how can we do that? An overview of the LEANS project and resource pack.” The Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) project is developing the first resource pack for UK primary schools…

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  • Sebastian Gaigg's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Sebastian Gaigg

    In this webinar, Dr Sebatian Gaigg (City, University of London) examines the role of learning and memory processes in the language impairtments in Autism, which is to take place on 3rd June 2021.

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  • A poster promoting Jo Saul's webinar, which took place on 06/05/2021. The recording is now available on YouTube via the official CRAE channel.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Jo Saul

    UCL PhD student Jo Saul presents a webinar on expressive language development in minimally verbal autistic children. This is to take place on 6th May 2021.

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  • Liz Pellicano's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Liz Pellicano

    In this webinar, which takes place on 8th April 2021, Dr Liz Pellicano discusses the everyday experiences of autistic people and families during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Chris Papadopoulos's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Chris Papadopoulos

    In this webinar, part of the ongoing #CRAEwebinar series, Dr Chris Papadopoulos (Principal Lecturer in Public Health, University of Bedfordshire), presented his research on autism and stigma. The webinar took place online on 11.00-12.00, 4th March 2021. It was organised by CRAE, the Centre for Research in Autism and Education.

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  • Prithvi Perepa's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Prithvi Perepa

    TITLE: “Camouflaging behaviours used by autistic adults during everyday social interactions.” In this webinar, Dr Prithvi Perepa (Lecturer in Autism, University of Birmingham) highlights different norms across cultures and how this might impact on diagnoses of autism. For example, factors such as direct eye contact, use of gestures, and so on, may be considered inappropriate…

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  • Julia Cook's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Julia Cook

    In this webinar, Julia Cook presents her research on the different ways in which autistic people adapt to and cope within the predominately neurotypical social world. It took place on 7th January, 2021.

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  • Rosa Hoekstra and Beth Tekola's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Rosa Hoekstra & Beth Tekola

    In this webinar, Rosa Hoekstra and Beth Tekola Gebru discuss their work on autism and intellectual disability in Ethiopia, a nation with a population of over 100 million, half of whom are children.

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  • Jo Van Herwegen's event banner, in greyscale.

    [Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Jo van Herwegen

    Jo van Herwegen talks about her research on developmental disabilities and school transitions in this short webinar, which took place on 5th November 2020.

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