Sam Dexter


Role: PhD Student

Bio: Sam Dexter is undertaking his PhD at CRAE and is exploring how schools prepare autistic young people for life after the classroom. When not working toward his PhD, Sam is a class teacher at Gesher School in north west London, where he teaches a year 6 class.

Research Summary: For his MA thesis, Sam undertook a collaborative project with autistic students and staff at UCL. This looked at how Statements of Reasonable Adjustments could be maximised for autistic students.

Current research and activities: In addition to his PhD, Sam has a particular interest in participatory approaches towards autism research.

List of relevant web presences : LinkedIn

Recent publications

Dexter, S., Umagami, K., Quinnell, S., Surrey, A., & Crane, L. (2022). Towards ‘a level playing field’: A participatory study of autistic university students’ experiences with academic support in EnglandInternational Journal of Disability Development and Education.

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