Molly McCabe

Molly McCabe, Masters (MSC) student at UCL, volunteer research assistant at CRAE, and graduate of Seattle University.

Role: Masters Student and Volunteer Research Assistant

Bio: Molly McCabe received her BS in Psychology and BA in Humanities from Seattle University. She is currently an MSc Child Development student at UCL and a volunteer research assistant at CRAE, working on a systematic review of RCTs looking at language interventions for autistic people.

Outside of her studies, Molly works for the Community Research Initiative for Students (CRIS). This provides opportunities for Masters students like herself to participate in community driven research.

Research Summary: Molly previously worked as a clinical research coordinator for the Health Equity Outcomes Assessment Program and the GENDAAR Study for Autistic Girls at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington USA.

Current research and activities: Molly’s Masters dissertation will focus on experiences of anxiety in minimally verbal autistic children. Molly has a strong passion for participatory and community centered approaches towards autism research.

List of relevant web presences : Twitter | LinkedIn