Alison Livemore

Alison Livemore, PhD student at CRAE.

Alison joined CRAE as a part-time PhD student in 2018 under the supervision of Laura Crane. Alison’s research investigates good autism practice in Additional Resource Provisions (ARPs) for autistic pupils. She studies the perspectives of professionals, parents and pupils with regards to educating autistic pupils in ARPs.

Alison wants to develop a greater understanding of good autism practice in ARPs for autistic pupils, and consider the implications of this for those practices which lack understanding (e.g., leading to exclusion) – when comparing participants’ experiences and perspectives to previous research.

Her research will contribute more broadly to effective practice in one particular educational provision (ARPs), successful systems in ARPs and learning approaches used. When considering placement, it will provide professionals within the EHC Panel team in-depth understanding of what a good autism ARP provides. This will support appropriate placement for individuals and may constitute a factor in reducing exclusion (ensuring pupils are in correct placements to meet their individual needs).

On the web: LinkedIn | Website

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