Brett is a Postdoctoral Researcher at CRAE. He manages the Discover Autism Research and Employment (DARE). For DARE, Brett works with a number of organisations throughout the UK, to understand the experiences of autistic employees and job seekers. This project builds a holistic and longitudinal evidence-base for understanding the factors behind the current autism employment gap disadvantaging autistic adults. DARE is funded by Autistica and Brett works closely with Anna Remington.

Previously, Brett undertook a PhD in Psychology at the London School of Economics, which focussed on the ‘Double Empathy Problem’, the two-way nature of misunderstandings between autistic and non-autistic people. His PhD research, developed methods for understanding cross-neurological interactions and interactions between autistic people.

In addition to his research, Brett is a trustee of Matthew’s Hub, a charity supporting autistic adults, and has won grant awards for collaboration and impact from the ESRC and LSE, respectively. In 2017 he created the Open Minds’ exhibition to promote autistic voices, which has reached over 10,000 people and has resulted in autism awareness resources that are being used by local councils and charities in the UK, Australia and the US. He was the recipient of the ESRC’s national 2018 prize for Future Career Promise and the Finalist for Outstanding Early Career Impact. Brett is passionate about making research more accessible and has recently been programming an app where a virtual version of himself can present lectures from the palm of your hand or shoulder (see picture above!).

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