CRAE Webinar Series: Aimee Grant

A purple poster advertising the November 2022 CRAE webinar. Aimee Grant will be talking about autistic experiences of pregnancy loss and associated healthcare. The webinar is on the 3rd November 2022 at 4pm GMT.

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TITLE: ‘Incredibly Painful, Both Emotionally and Physically’: Autistic Experiences of Pregnancy Loss and Associated Healthcare

Around one in five pregnancies end in loss, and it is well established that this experience is traumatic in a general population. To date, little is known about Autistic experiences of pregnancy loss. This talk will present new findings of 66 Autistic people from the UK’s experiences from an online survey.  Pregnancy loss was described as both physically and emotionally painful, with limited knowledge of what physical symptoms would be normal to expect.  Over half of participants sought healthcare support for pregnancy loss every time it was experienced, although healthcare was often uncaring, and lacked clear explanations of what patients should expect from their pregnancy loss.  Some Autistic people disengaged, including when they were still severely unwell.  Overall, it will be concluded that better care for Autistic pregnancy loss is urgently required.

The webinar takes place online on Thursday, 3rd November 2022, at 16.00 -17.00 GMT.

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