CRAE Webinar Series: Rebecca Wood

A poster promoting Rebecca Wood's April 2022 CRAE Webinar.

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TITLE: “Inclusion in School: Learning the Lessons from Autistic Pupils and Teachers.”

In this presentation, Dr Rebecca Wood will set out some of the typical difficulties faced by autistic pupils in school resulting from the environment, a lack of understanding and support, and the prevalence of neuro-normative expectations.

She will also suggest some solutions to these difficulties, as provided by autistic children and young people themselves. In addition, Rebecca will share findings from the Autistic School Staff Project, in which autistic teachers, teaching assistants, school leaders and visiting professionals reveal parallels between their experiences and those of autistic pupils.

She will then explain how autistic school staff also provide vital insights into how inclusion can be facilitated across the whole school community if acceptance and diversity is fostered for all, both adults and children.

Rebecca is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Early Childhood & Education, University of East London. Her research interests include autism, inclusion of autistic school staff, and sensory issues.

The webinar takes place online on Thursday, 7th April 2022, at 16.00-17.00 GMT.

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