Fae Burrell

Role: Student Placement Researcher

Bio: Fae is in her 3rd year of studying Psychology at the University of Bath and undertaking her work placement at CRAE for the academic year 2023/24. With a passion for promoting the wellbeing of autistic individuals, Fae has a background in working with children, teenagers, and adults with ASD and learning disabilities.

One of Fae’s primary areas of interest is exploring the potential benefits of yoga for autistic children. She believes that yoga could serve as a tool for teaching self-soothing skills and be an accessible form of exercise. Additionally, Fae is keen on learning more about the implementation of yoga practices for SEN teachers, with the aim of enhancing the overall wellbeing of classrooms.

Fae will support many projects at CRAE and work amongst their incredible team. She also hopes to learn British Sign Language alongside her placement.

Outside of academia, Fae finds solace in reading, practicing yoga and playing netball. Feel free to contact Fae for discussions on research, yoga, or book recommendations :).

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