Freya Elise

Freya Elise, Research Assistant at CRAE.

Role: Research Assistant

Bio: Freya joined CRAE in 2021 and has extensive experience in the field of autistic and mental health Public and Patient Involvement (PPI). Freya has been involved in PPI for many years, both as a participant and, since 2019, as a research assistant at UCL. Freya is deeply passionate about ensuring that PPI is meaningful and subject to evaluation for continuous improvement. Their primary focus is on promoting diverse autistic involvement in autism research and adapting methods for involvement and research to include a broad spectrum of autistic individuals. In their specific area of interest within PPI, Freya focuses on facilitating PPI and community-led involvement, safeguarding, and policy development.

Outside of PPI, Freya has also been actively engaged in developing policies for a variety of third-sector organisations and, in collaboration with Autistica, policy briefings.

Research Summary:

Freya completed a BSc at the University of Nottingham, where they also facilitated groups in a Wellcome Trust-funded ‘Café Connect’ project. This project involved engaging the public throughout all phases of research, focusing on individual stories related to ‘steps to recovery from self-harm and eating disorders.’

From 2019 to 2022, Freya worked on NIHR-funded systematic reviews in the field of autism at UCL.

Current Research and Activities:

Currently, Freya works as a research assistant on an ESRC-funded grant that explores perceptual capacity across different neurotypes. The project encompasses a wide range of methods, from highly flexible semi-structured interviews to electrophysiological measurements of behavioural tasks conducted in laboratory settings.

Recent Publications:

Elise, F. Slonims, V. ‘Anxiety and Stress: What is a reasonable accommodation?’ Professionals Conference, National Autistic Society, February 2020

Elise, F. Slonims, V., White, P., Simonoff, E. ‘Grounded or Isolated? The practice and experience of researchers, patients and carers in collaborative research.’ Autisme Europe 2019, September 2019 [Oral Presentation]

Elise, F. ‘Work Arounds’: A presentation on Augmented and Alternative Communication and other ‘work arounds’ as an autistic adult.’ How I communicate: A conference exploring the diversity of autistic communication, Kings College London, July 2019

Elise, F. Slonims, V., White, P., Simonoff, E. ‘IAMHEALTH: Practice and experience of Patient Participation Involvement.’ Discover, Autistica, June 2019 [Oral Presentation]

Harper, G., Smith, E., Mandy, W., Tchanturia, K., Nielsen, E., Cumming-Webb F. (2019) Autistica Action Briefing: Eating Disorders [PDF file]. Retrieved from

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