Dr Katelyn Smalley

Katelyn Smalley

Dr Katelyn Smalley

Role: Honorary Research Fellow

Bio: Katelyn is a health policy researcher, with a background in political economy and behavioural economics. She has contributed to health policy development, impact analysis, and implementation research in Government, Voluntary Sector, and Academic settings.

She grew up near Washington, DC, and completed her undergraduate degree in Political Economy at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. She has been living in the UK since 2016, having studied a MSc in Health Policy at LSE and a PhD in Health Services Research at Imperial College London.

Her ‘day job’ is at the University of Plymouth, where she is helping to develop a whole-systems measurement framework for NHS mental health policy.

Research Summary: Katelyn’s research focuses on two main questions: 1) What is person-centred healthcare? and 2) How can we know when it exists or not?

She uses mixed methods from the social sciences to understand the building blocks of high-quality healthcare, to measure how well health systems are meeting people’s needs, and to investigate policy implementation challenges.

Current research and activities: Katelyn’s work with CRAE is a project to understand the barriers and facilitators to GPs conducing annual health checks for autistic people.

List of relevant web presences:

Google Scholar | ORCID | ResearchGate | Twitter

Five most recent publications:

van Dael J, Smalley K, Gillespie A, Reader T, Papadimitriou D, Glampson B, Marshall D, Mayer E. 2021. Getting the whole story: integrating patient complaints and staff reports of unsafe care, Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, ISSN: 1355-8196

Smalley K, Aufegger L, Flott K, Mayer E, Darzi A. 2021. Can self-management programmes change healthcare utilisation in COPD?: A systematic review and framework analysis, Patient Education and Counseling, Vol: 104, Pages: 50-63, ISSN: 0738-3991

Neves AL, Smalley K, Freise L, Harrison P, Darzi A, Mayer E. 2020. Sharing electronic health records with patients – Who is using the Care Information Exchange portal? A cross-sectional study., Publisher: JMIR Preprints

Smalley K, Aufegger L, Flott K, Holt G, Mayer E, Darzi A. 2019. Which behaviour change techniques are most effective in improving healthcare utilisation in COPD self-management programmes? A protocol for a systematic review, BMJ Open Respiratory Research, Vol: 6, ISSN: 2052-4439

Naci H, Smalley KR, Kesselheim AS. 2017. Characteristics of Preapproval and Postapproval Studies for Drugs Granted Accelerated Approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. JAMA. Vol: 318(7), Pages: 626-636.

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