a photo of Luci-Rose wearing glasses

Luci Rose

Luci Rose

Luci Rose  joined CRAE, in 2017  as a second year EdD student under the supervision of Dr Anna Remington, and Dr Chloe Marshall. Her research focuses on the unrecognised abilities of non-speaking autistic children. She hopes her EdD will contribute towards a better understanding of the educational experience of autistic pupils who do not use “mouth words” to communicate.

Luci completed a BEd at Middlesex University, and an MEd at Birmingham University. She also has an MPhil from UCL.

Luci has 29 years experience teaching and working with autistic children and young people, with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Luci worked as a senior leader in a special school, creating the provision for autistic pupils,  and achieving Autism Accreditation for the school.

She also set up the charity The Big Orange Bus, supporting children with SEND in Eastern Europe and the UK, from a specially converted double decker.

She currently co-leads an advisory team, supporting autistic pupils in mainstream primary schools, and providing training to staff and parents/carers. She is very committed to promoting content and materials created by autistic people. Luci is the parent of a child with Down Syndrome and has worked on the board of Down Syndrome Education International. She is also disabled.

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