Mel Romualdez

Mel Romualdez, PhD student at CRAE.

Mel joined CRAE as a doctoral student under the supervision of Anna Remington and Zachary Walker.

She recently completed her PhD focusing on the diagnostic disclosure experiences of autistic adults in workplace settings.

Before coming to London, Mel worked for several years at the New York (NY) Center for Autism Charter School, where she taught autistic adolescents and young adults. Through her work as a teacher and job coach, she developed an interest in transition planning, adult support services, and employment for autistic individuals.

She is currently a Lecturer (Teaching) in Psychology at the IOE, serving as Anna Remington’s maternity cover for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Recent publications

Davies, J., Romualdez, A. M., Malyan, D., Heasman, B., Livesey, A., Walker, A., . . . Remington, A. (2023). Autistic Adults’ Priorities for Future Autism Employment Research: Perspectives from the United KingdomAutism in Adulthood. doi:10.1089/aut.2022.0087

Romualdez, A. (2022). Perspectives on employment for autistic people: The current situation, what works, and what needs to change [Digital scholarly resource]. Retrieved from

Romualdez, A. M., Walker, Z., & Remington, A. (2021). Autistic adults’ experiences of diagnostic disclosure in the workplace: Decision-making and factors associated with outcomesAutism and Developmental Language Impairments, 6. doi:10.1177/23969415211022955

Remington, A., Heasman, B., Romualdez, A. M., & Pellicano, E. (2021). Experiences of autistic and non-autistic individuals participating in a corporate internship schemeAutism. doi:10.1177/13623613211025115

Romualdez, A. (2021). Exploring the Diagnostic Disclosure Experiences of Autistic Individuals in Workplace Settings (Doctoral dissertation). UCL (University College London).

Romualdez, A. M., Heasman, B., Walker, Z., Davies, J., & Remington, A. (2021). “People might understand me better”: Diagnostic disclosure experiences of autistic individuals in the workplaceAutism in Adulthood. doi:10.1089/aut.2020.0063

Romualdez, A. M., Yirrell, K., & Remington, A. (2020). Exploring Participants’ Views on a Supported Work Internship Program for Autistic and Learning Disabled Young PeopleInternational Journal of Disability Management, 15, e3. doi:10.1017/idm.2020.4

Full list of publications

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