Norah Richards

Photograph of Norah with a floral scarf on in front of a bright green hedge.

Norah joined CRAE in 2022 as a first year PhD student under the supervision of Laura Crane

Norah has a BSc, PGCE and PGCert Ed, and worked as a primary school teacher with a focus on language learning and literacy difficulties. Norah completed her MSc in Language and Communication Difficulties in Education jointly at City University and at UCL Institute of Education and completed her dissertation through CRAE under the supervision of Laura Crane

Norah’s research is focussed on the experiences of autistic young people, their families, educators, care and health professionals as the young people transition from special education schools to adulthood.   

Recent Publications: 

Richards, N. & Crane, L. (2020). The Development and Feasibility Study of a Multimodal “Talking Wall” to Facilitate the Voice of Young People with Autism and Complex Needs: A Case Study in a Specialist Residential School. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 50(12), 4267–4279. 

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