Jo Van Herwegen's event banner, in greyscale.

[Past Event] CRAE Webinar Series: Jo van Herwegen

Jo Van Herwegen's event banner, in colour.

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TITLE: “School transitions in children with developmental disorders: Unique or comparable experiences?”

Jo van Herwegen talks about her research on developmental disabilities and school transitions in this short webinar.

Jo is an Associate Professor in Psychology at UCL Institute of Education, and Director of the Child Development and Learning Difficulties lab. Jo’s research focuses on language and number development in both typical development and atypical developmental disorders, such as Williams syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, and Developmental Language Disorder.

She is interested in individual differences, as well as exploring what cognitive abilities and strategies relate to successful performance in typical populations and how these differ in atypical populations, in order to aid the development of ecologically valid training programmes.

The webinar took place online on 11.00-12.00, 5th November 2020, and was hosted by CRAE PhD student Mel Romualdez.

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