Picture of a booklet the shape of a passport with blue background.

Towards empathetic autism research – Developing and evaluating an autism-specific Research Passport: This project aims to develop a Research Passport. This research passport is a tool for improving autistic people’s experiences of taking part in research. It is a way for autistic people and researchers to have a conversation about things like communication preferences and the research environment. To ensure the Research Passport is useful and meets people’s needs, we gather views via surveys and focus groups. We will trial the passport with autistic adults, parents of autistic children and researchers. Importantly, this project also aims to create a series of ‘toolkits’ to share with researchers. This toolkit will include guidelines on inviting participants to your lab and how to facilitate inclusive, autism friendly research.

CRAE lead: Laura Crane with Maria Ashworth and Liz Pellicano

To take part in this project or keep up to date with its progress, please get in touch with Maria by emailing maria.ashworth@ucl.ac.uk.

Key publications:

  • Pre-print: Ashworth, M., Crane, L., Steward, R., Bovis, M., & Pellicano, L. (2020). Towards empathetic autism research: Developing an autism-specific Research Passport.