Estelle Killick

Estelle is an undergraduate student at the University of Kent studying Psychology. She is currently undertaking her placement year at CRAE. In her time studying psychology she has developed her interest in clinical psychology and neurodivergence (specifically autism). She has been particularly interested in female presentations of autism as well as support for autistic women and girls. 

She is excited to be working on a project assessing the impact of the introduction of ear defenders in a primary school with Heba Al-Jayoosi, Laura Crane, Mel Romualdez and her fellow placement student Evelyn Sam. Other projects she is contributing to include a systematic review of research in the field of autistic identity and a survey to gain an understanding of experiences of language interventions for autistic people. She hopes that during her time at CRAE she can widen the scope of her understanding of autism and the field of autism research.

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