Evelyn Sam

Bio: Evelyn is an undergraduate psychology student from the University of Kent and is currently undertaking her placement year from September 2022 at CRAE. She is assisting members of the CRAE team with ongoing projects and through this experience, and hopes to gain a better insight into the world of autism research in the upcoming year. 

Research summary: Besides her interest in autism research, Evelyn has an interest in research to do with mental health and diagnosis as well as neurodiversity. 

Research and activities: Evelyn is working on a project collaboratively with a few members of the CRAE team and the main focus is on the use of ear defenders in an inclusive, mainstream primary school setting. She will be examining the opportunities and challenges of the use of ear defenders among neurodivergent and neurotypical children in their school environment.

She is also working alongside other researchers including Audrey Linden who is currently working on a project that looks at Autism Language Interventions. Additionally, she is also working with Jade Davies on a few projects including the DARE project and a systematic review about developing and accepting and autism identity.

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