Anna Remington, Director of CRAE

Anna is the Director of CRAE since October 2017. She joined CRAE in 2013 as a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science. Her research looks at whether autistic people see, hear and feel things in a different way from others. She is particularly fascinated by the idea of autism as a condition that has advantages, as well as challenges. Her research focuses on the superior abilities that we so often see in autism, specifically with respect to attention and perception. She is interested in how and why these superiorities develop, and ways in which we might capitalise on these strengths.

Among others, her current research projects include working with autistic people in the family justice system, investigating autistic people’s greater capacity to detect sound and ways to promote autistic employment. Anna is also co-founder and Director of; a free, openly editable online database of academic article summaries.

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